Hon'ble Chandan Kumar Singh

Provincial Secretary

Ranjit Kumar Yadav




Information Officer


The Ministry of Labor and Transport of Madhesh Province has been improving the labor and transport sector at the provincial level and this has brought significant changes in the life of transport vehicles in Madhesh Province. The following are also the main tasks of this ministry: Transport policy and law enforcement. The Ministry reforms policies, laws, and regulations in the transport sector of Madhesh Province. It promotes safe, regular, and efficient transportation services. Registration and Renewal of Transport Vehicles This Ministry provides the registration and renewal process for transport vehicles, which ensures regularity in the vehicles and prevents unnecessary accidents. The Ministry of Driver Permits and Renewals provides the driver's license and renewal process. This increases the interchangeability and co-operation of drivers. Route Permits and Determination Ministry grants and determines route permits for public transport. It also helps in the smooth running of transport services. Standards, Quality, and Fare Rate Adjustment The Ministry adjusts and determines the standards, quality, and fare rates of transportation services, which will improve the price and level of transportation services with justice. The Ministry of Transport Safety and Vehicle Pollution Control assists in the planning and implementation of transport safety and vehicle pollution control at the provincial level, which makes vehicle safety and environmental pollution consistent with justice. There are 8 transport management offices in the ministry of office and staff. In which the number of employees is 109 people. This ministry has been providing public services in the transport and labor sectors. Thus, the Ministry of Transport and Labor of Madhesh Province has done important work for the improvement of transport services and has been bringing changes in the transport and labor sector of Madhesh Province.

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